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JGLT Membership
Theatre Passport

What is it exactly?

For any supporter who pays $20 annually to be a member of JGLT, you will be gifted a passport which functions similar to a punch card.

How do I get stamps on my passport?

We will announce on social media and here on our website (see list below) the qualifying events produced by local partnering organizations. By attending these qualifying events in-person, stamps will be provided by the organization's box office. Always check that an event qualifies for a passport stamp before presenting your card in order to avoid confusion with the box offices.

What do I get for completing a passport?

By showing your continued support of local events, you will be awarded with two complimentary tickets to a qualifying, ticketed JGLT event of your choosing. There is no expiration date.


  • Can I get more stamps for attending the same show multiple times? Yes.

  • Can I get stamps for the other people in my party? No. Only one stamp per show is given to the cardholder. 

  • I lost my card. Can I get a replacement with the stamps I previously earned? You may get a replacement passport by emailing us, but no stamps will be returned.

  • How do I redeem the completed passport? You must email us and redeem your comp tickets in advance before you can use them.

  • What if I forgot to get my stamp or I was refused one? Email us your proof of purchase and we will look into it. 


Qualifying Shows 



The Brothers Paranormal

Fun Home

Theatre In The Rough


An Inspector Calls

Theatre At 

Latitude 58

Play Title

Theatre Alaska

Play Title

Juneau Lyric Opera

Show Title

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